Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

Today, I'm linking up with Broke and Bookish for their weekly meme 'Top Ten Tuesday' with this weeks topic being Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island. This means, I get to list all my favourite fictional male characters and let them compete for my heart. Just kidding. Anyways, here is my response in no particular order

Four - Divergent Trilogy 
How could Four not make it on this list? He would definitely protect me from anyone who tries to hurt me and I think, he would risk his life for me. Cause after all, he's Dauntless and it's their duty protect 

Peeta - Hunger Games Trilogy
Even though he may not be the best person in the world to protect me from all the potential harmful things that may be present on an island, he does know how to make bread which could come in handy. Sure, we may not have any electricity or anything to make it, but I'm sure Four would help us make a fire so that Peeta can cook. And he's also skilled in art so, when its gets boring he can teach me some interesting art stuff

Augustus Waters - The Fault in Our Stars
Augustus would make a great companion on an island cause he knows how to make things enjoyable. He can turn being on an island out in the middle of nowhere to this awesome time cause he is the life of the party

Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games Trilogy
Let's face it. She would be a great choice. All her Hunger Games training and experience would come into play on the island. She could help us find food as well as give us some helpful advice on how to survive

Will Herondale - The Infernal Devices Trilogy
Will, my Will. He would be able to fight all the demons that come to attack us on our island. Even if there happens to be no one, I'm sure he knows a thing or two about surviving on an island. If not, he would be great company as he loves books as much as I do 

Adam - If I Stay
Ok, so he may not really know how to survive on an island but he does know how to play his guitar. He could entertain us all by playing his guitar and playing a show for us. That would be fun   
 Annabeth Chase - Percy Jackson Series
Since I think I should have a few more girls on my list, I think Annabeth would be a great choice. She ran away from home when she was younger so she would know a thing or two about where to get food, how to entertain themselves (even if she was sort of running away from monsters). But I also think she would be a great girl to hang out with. She's friendly and caring and would look out for me if necessary

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter Series
Hermione is book smart, meaning that she would know how to survive on an island and shes done it before (when she was with Harry in The Deathly Hallows)

Rose Hathaway - Vampire Academy Series
Let's face it. Rose knows how to kick-ass. Shes funny, unpredictable and fun to be around. She knows how to party but also knows how to fight. So, I guess if anyone tried to attack me on my island, it'll be alright. Cause Rose is here

Tessa - Infernal Devices Series
How could I go to a desert island without a book buddy? I'm sure she would love to fangirl with me about fictional characters and even recommend me some books to read

Well, I had way to much fun with that. Let me know what your choices were below. 

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  1. I know almost a lot of characters in this list! And I love most of them equally :) I see you put Adam from If I Stay! I'm reading If I Stay sometime this week before the movie's release, and I can't wait to get started :D loved your list!!

    My Top Ten Tuesday post

    1. You should definitely read If I Stay. It is one of my all time favourite books :)

  2. We have a lot of the same people on our lists! I would love to have Will as my deserted island buddy! I feel like we would get along. I also wouldn't mind hanging out with Rose Hathaway, she's totally kick-ass!


    1. Totally agree! Will is one of my favourite fictional characters so I think it is necessary to have him there. Maybe he will cry on my shoulder about Tessa? :)