Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: To Read Or Not To Read?

It's that time of the week again where I link up with The Broke and the Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday feature. And this weeks theme is Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read. I have a lot of books on this list. It's a hard decision for me. Do I spend time reading a book with the chance that I won't like it? Or do I got for it and read it? First World Problems right there!

First up on this list is....
I've heard so many mixed reviews. Some liked it, some didn't. Some didn't like it till the very end. I don't know what to do. And the movie is coming out next month (at least I think it's next month). I don't particularly enjoy reading books after I've watched the movie so I feel as though I have to make my decision quite soon. At the moment I'm leaning towards not reading it and my brother read it not too long ago and he said it wasn't the best book ever (but then again, he doesn't read too many books). I will definitely watch the movie though

This book has gotten quite a bit of buzz the last few months. And I think it's also getting a movie too? The thing that turns me off this one is the storyline. For some reason it isn't grabbing me but I have marked it as 'to-read'. Probably won't end up reading it though

 The trailer to this movie looks so damn cute. Its got Lily Collins and Sam Claflin in it and I just really want to watch that movie. And then I thought, why not read the book as well? I keep going through stages where I say I will read it but then change my mind and this keeps happening. I don't know what to do. It looks like a really cute story

I loved the Vampire Academy Series so much. I really enjoyed Rose and Lisa (and Dimitri and Christian and Adrian. I should just probably name all the characters). But one of the few characters I didn't like was Sydney. For some reason, she just annoyed me. I think it was because she didn't like Vampires and stuff. And I'm not sure if I want to read a series from her point of view. A friend told me she is more likeable in this series and we do get to see little snippits of Rose and Dimitri (*fangirling moment*) but I'm not sure. Have you read it? Did you enjoy it?

I have read all the Percy Jackson books and all the Heroes of Olympus books up to this one. I wasn't into the story very much and stopped after the last one. Although I don't really want to read it, I do want to know what happens to all the characters (just don't really care for the plot). Does that make sense? Probably not. I'm still not sure what it is I don't like about it

Last year, I read Eleanor and Park. But I didn't enjoy it (please don't hurt me). So because of that, I'm unsure if I should read Rainbow Rowell's other books. I've heard amazing things from this book but then again, I also heard amazing things from Eleanor and Park and didn't enjoy it. Should I read it? It looks pretty cute. I mean, I know that a girl likes to fangirl over a guy named Simon, and that I can relate to (the fangirling part. Not the guy named Simon). I'm just not sure. Is it better than Eleanor and Park?

I'm torn over if I should read these two books. The Legend books I've heard nothing but praise for them and I've heard some good things for The Raven Boys as well (just not as much as Legend. I don't think it's as popular compared to Legend). But there is a part of me saying to not read it

That's it for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday. I could only think of 8 books. Have you read any of these books and enjoyed them? Let me know below

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  1. I feel the same way about The Maze Runner. I want to read it cause the movie is coming out but part of me just keeps putting it off.

    1. Haha, same here. I've seen the trailer and it looks really good but I'm still not sure about the book

  2. I liked Fangirl better than Eleanor and Park, and I feel the way you do about the Maze Runner. I probably will end up not reading it and just watching the movie when it comes out.
    My TTT

  3. The Maze Runner is popping up on everyone's lists today! It's putting me off!

  4. Loved The 5th Wave. The Maze Runner was slow for me and ultimately I only felt okay with it. I started The Scorch Trials but DNF'd it about 20% in. I've loved the Bloodlines series, but I still enjoy Vampire Academy more. Bloodlines itself was a slow book for me and the series took longer to "take off" for me than Vampire Academy. I think that's because Sydney was slower to change than I wanted. BUT Sydney definitely grows as a character and I love that Richelle Mead writes such strong female characters. I loved Eleanor & Park and have Fangirl in my possession, but I'm nervous about reading it. The Raven Boys kind of reminds me what I said about Bloodlines. The first book was very slow and it was so different from the Maggie Stiefvater that I loved from The Wolves of Mercy Falls. I enjoyed The Dreams Thieves more than The Raven Boys. But I can see why it might not appeal to everyone. Legends is still on my TBR list.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  5. Run away from The 5th wave, what a horrible book. I really liked Fangirl - which surprised me, since I don't read that type of books very often. I'm more a fantasy-girl. The raven boys was really good, but I think you need to enjoy her particular writing-style.