Thursday, 14 August 2014

Discussion: Those times when all you do is read 24/7

Hey Everyone,

Guess what. I love to read (well, duh. As if you didn't know that). But lately, all I have been doing is reading. You see, I have just started the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I can't stop reading it. All I think about is Daemon and Katy and what they are going to have to face when I continue reading. You wanna know what I did at school today when I should have been paying attention in class? I was thinking about my book and how awesome it was. I just wanted to fangirl with my friend who has read the book (and who recommended me read it) in the middle of class. I do go through this fangirling stage a fair bit with other books, but with this series, it has taken a whole new level.

I am not sure if this has anything got to do with it, but I have just come out of a exam period (and honestly, it is like the second most important exam period of my school life) and I think I wanted to reward myself for getting through the exams (yuk, exams). But you see, during my exam period I was reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins and that is the last time I read a 4.16 Star Goodreads average rating in an exam period. Worst decision of my life. You know what I was thinking when I should have been studying Biology? I was thinking St Clair! St Clair! Why you no tell Anna your feelings for her? (insert excessive hand movements here). There were times where I had to bribe myself. I was like, Ok Monica. Just study for half an hour and you can read a chapter of Anna and the French Kiss. I did this over and over again. And then when exams finished, I spent two hours reading straight, finally finishing the book. Nothing was going to stop me seeing Anna and St Clair together. Nothing!

I have a feeling my excessive reading habits will decrease after the Lux Series. Don't worry, I will still be reading as I usually do. Just not every single moment I am at the moment.
Anyway. I'm going to leave it here today so I can go continue to read the Lux Series. But hey, there is nothing better than a good book right?

Have you ever had a book where you could not stop reading it? Let me know below

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