Friday, 10 October 2014

Discussion: What makes me love a book

We all have those times where we just can't get into the books were reading. I'm kind of going through that right now. Usually, I try to persevere and finish the book just so I can mark it as 'Read' on Goodreads (let's face it, that's the only reason I will continue to read it). But I want to talk today about the books that make me want to continue reading. You know, those things that make a book enjoyable. So today, I'm going to go through what a book generally has to have in order for me to like it. It doesn't necessarily have to have it all of them, but have a few and I'm hooked.

- An engaging story - This is a big one. If the story is boring, I'm onto the next book

- Good writing - A few times the plot of the book seemed really interesting. However, the way it was delivered I didn't like. And it's sad, you know. I could have enjoyed that story but didn't

- Relatable Characters - This one pretty much speaks for itself. If the character seems like someone who will not exist in real life (because of their personality) or if one of the main characters are a complete asshole it can ruin a story for me (not always, but mostly)

- Humor - I love it when books have really funny dialogue or the character themselves are funny (eg. Daemon from Lux Series, Jace from The Mortal Instruments). It makes the book so much more enjoyable. I often love it in action type novels especially. It gives you a break from reading about all the action

- When books grab you from the first line - This I LOVE. For example, the first line in Divergent is 'There is only one mirror in my home'. This grabbed me. Who has only one mirror in their home? And if so, why does it seem as though it is intentional? I want to keep reading to find out why

- A romantic relationship that is super cute - My close friends know that I love fictional relationships whether it's in a book (eg. Anna/St Clair - Anna and the French Kiss) TV show (eg. Hanna/Caleb - PLL) or movie (eg. Becca/Jesse - Pitch Perfect). Those are just a few of my fictional relationship obsessions (actually, mainly I love the romantic interests). I'm always the one fangirling over them. And I love it.

That's all I can think of at the moment. What makes you love a book?

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  1. I love humor in books too! Humor like Daemon's is my favorite. One of the main reasons why I love JLA's books so much is because they are so funny and entertaining. Have you read her other books? I can't wait for Stone Cold Touch to finally come in the mail for me! Great discussion Monica =)